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Ben Rosenthal

I sing because ...

I sing to hear, be heard, harmonize, and match wits with voices—in community.

Ben’s first memory of music performance is when he was about 5, performing a song using a toy phone whose numeric keypad made musical tones. Since then, he has also enjoyed singing in the car with Mom, building his music library since becoming a teenager, and feeling drawn to opportunities to sing in community.

Ben played oboe for a dozen years in grade school and college, however voice has become his instrument of choice. He loves to sing from the audience with on-stage performers and appreciates when their songs have predictable melodies and lyrics, both of which he tends to pick up easily.

Bobby McFerrin’s Medicine Music was among Ben’s first albums and strongly influenced his love of circle singing. It’s no wonder he has enthusiastically shown up to Sing For Your Life! since arriving in the Bay in 2011.

Meanwhile, Ben has connected deeply with highly musical spiritual experiences in Jewish Renewal communities, including Elat Chayyim, Wilderness Torah, Chochmat HaLev, and Torah of Awakening. Around 2013, he became a regular participant and collaborator in Nigun Collective, a monthly East Bay gathering to sing wordless melodies from Jewish tradition, which continues to this day. And, Ben has worked music gigs for Rock the Bike, Shamati, and others.

Keep on Truckin’ is Ben’s first performance in recent memory and he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into, but looks forward to witnessing what happens. Nonetheless, Ben appreciates the invitation to join Voices in a New World and being connected around his primary work in the world: coaching Mac users.

Ben coaches Mac users. He helps people make better use of their technology, working one on one with home and business users to strengthen their confidence and enable them to become more productive, flexible, and self-sufficient. With an MBA in Design Strategy, Ben also helps current and aspiring entrepreneurs create alignment between their passions and career visions.

Phone: 240 997-6875
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