Jan Koerwitz – Voices in a New World

Jan Koerwitz

I sing because ...

Spirit sings me. For Joy! It’s alchemical upliftment in the ever changing now.

The act of singing brings coherence to the moment, from inside my body the resonance becomes a creative force to uplift the shared vibration. It’s pure joy to share harmony, and rhythmic connection, to explore possibility, to join together to become wholeness and healing in our world.

Discovering Improvisational CircleSinging has opened me to a magical world – a place to share a deep love of sound connection with like-hearted people from all walks of life.  Most precious are the musical moments of recognizing each other as not separate, joined in co-creation as we express our individual contribution to the whole.

Facilitating circles has invited me to be the open channel for music that my heart feels: a reflection of the circle, the purity of community – each voice important to the whole – the very essence of being human… it takes a village!

Playful, fun, mistake-free zone….bringing the best we have for each other…. challenging, soul filling ….  just a few aspects of this delightful singing community.  Sharing it…..   YES!

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