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Ken Koerwitz

I sing because ...

It has added a new meaning to life.

Until relatively recently, I did not sing, I did not sing in the shower, I did not sing in the car, I did not sing in the church choir, I never played an instrument, nor did I ever learn music structure, theory, or form. I listened to Classical music, instrumental Jazz and sometimes Opera.
The above mentioned would interfere with my studies in engineering, mathematics, and science, besides singing had no purpose. Coming from a Teutonic family (German) if it had no purpose, it was a waste of time. About 12 years ago my sweetie and I heard about something called Sing for Your Life and to help sustain a happy marriage I decided to go for maybe a half an hour – yeah I could handle what sounded like it would be uncontrolled off key chaotic caterwauling. Somewhere around 1 am I am in the kitchen giggling like an adolescent girl while I was helping to clean up after the event was over. I had met a wide variety of wonderful folk from every walk of life who were there to just enjoy being themselves and being with many others doing the same. I found out that I actually enjoyed singing!

Over the next 10 years or so I have been a Circle Singing regular, taken many of Dave Worm’s classes from everything from leading Circle Singing to Vocal Percussion and love it. My sweetie and I have been back to Omega In New York to study Circlesinging with Bobby McFerrin and David Worm, each summer since 2011. I have also worked with quite a few local teachers to work on my singing. I have sung with Oakland Interfaith Community Choir and I currently sing with Voices in a New World, and now occasionally even sing in the car.
The togetherness I feel with other singers is impossible to explain. The truth and togetherness that happens for me when my entire section is working hard to be in harmony and rhythm, and flowing with syncopation is amazing. I have been singing in a group and had tears of absolute joy streaming down my cheeks from the feelings.

I have learned to love singing together.

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