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Mimi Heft

I sing because ...

I love to tell stories through song: it gives both the listener and myself permission to go deep and feel the full spectrum of human emotion; and I love the exchange of energy with my bandmates and our audience, creating a perfect feedback loop that nourishes us all.

Mimi Heft lends her melodious voice to a wide range of music—jazz and blues, R&B, folk rock and pop, a capella, and improv. Whether singing originals or covers, she makes each her own, deeply personal and resonant story.

In addition to performing with her bands, Five-Legged Mule and HOOT Ballad Project, Mimi has shared the stage with the likes of Mark Growden, Joshua Raoul Brody, Myles Boisen, Miniwatt String Trio, Three Drink Circus, Thad Povey, Delco, Conspiracy of Beards, and plenty of others. (Quite frankly, Mimi will happily sing with just about anybody…)

When not singing—and even sometimes while singing—Mimi freelances as a presentation designer, and is an award-winning book designer. Her work may be viewed at mimiheftdesign.com

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