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Tonia Hafter

I sing because ...

My body fills with breath and resonance. I am alive. I listen.... the sounds and songs arrive spontaneously..

I practice the healing arts in Oakland. I name my work, MELTING THE DRAGON. I feel most people in modern cultures are missing a connection to their voice. They convince themselves they cannot sing, or shouldn’t sing….. There is a judgement looming about that is painful….. I give myself permission now to sing and express what is coming to me when I do my work. I tone into my clients belly’s, we vibrate our voices together to clean different internal organs and I sing songs that come to me for them. I discovered long ago that voices and melodies come to me, in other languages, from other places and they come through me… like channeling some would say. This practice has freed me to be who I am and to share it willingly without worrying about what others think. On a personal musical level, I always wanted to open up my voice, but alas I was shy, I was not a singer, never studied, and was not very interested in singing words….. I met a man at a Vipassana 15 years ago who told me about Sing for your Life the year of the Tsunami. That 12 hour experience changed my life. Since then, I showed up for Circlesinging every month, and that led me to improv singing and ever since my ego has taken a vacation to let me play freely and co-create music! How about that?! What joy!

Improv has been my way of life, and my teacher. Feel where you are going… from the gut…. improv singing cultivates all the qualities I call on to be able to live in the moment and step into the unknown: Courage, love, trust, deep listening, sharing, knowing there is never one way, willing to play with others, willing not to know, willing to give up control, and willing to hold space for others.
To know the music is there if you empty yourself and be guided.

Phone: 415 706-9052
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Visit me on my social media
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