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We sing because ....

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Phoebe Ackley

I must! An immediate and heartfelt connection to my soul’s voice. When we sing together we are weaving our souls!

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Mary Casavant

I feel like I connect with a power greater than myself when singing alone and, when singing within a group, like we all become greater than the sum of our parts.

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Paola Ceccarini

I am, because I can, because it feeds my soul and affirms myself whole.

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David Creech

I sing because it is a shortcut to presence. To harmonize with a melody makes my heart and soul open and to become one with the vibrations of others in the circle.

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Tonia Hafter

My body fills with breath and resonance. I am alive. I listen…. the sounds and songs arrive spontaneously..

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Mimi Heft

I love to tell stories through song: it gives both the listener and myself permission to go deep and feel the full spectrum of human emotion; and I love the exchange of energy with my bandmates and our audience, creating a perfect feedback loop that nourishes us all.

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Sandy Hollister (in Spirit)

From Spirit’s perspective, my love of music and singing are eternal – connecting us all endlessly…

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Andrej Hostynek

I sing in a circle with both new and trusted voices because I have dared to show up broken and lost and have been met with a grace and generosity that transcends any one persons (mine) worries or fears…

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Tabitha Joy

I can’t stop. Song is a poetic language that combines tones and vibrations.

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Jan Koerwitz

Spirit sings me. For Joy! It’s alchemical upliftment in the ever changing now.

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Ken Koerwitz

It has added a new meaning to life.

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Deena Levy

I love music. I love being part of a vibrant creative community.

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Eve Lindi

I love to be surprised by what comes out when I’m not talking


Terry Mandel

Before we make words, we make sounds, and sound-making connects all beings everywhere. Illuminating what may be overshadowed by my persona, and sharing it with others, touches the Mystery that blesses and holds us all!


Hannah Mayree

It is the answer to a deep calling, a response to engage and express. A way to transmute pain into gratitude.

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Kyle Nelson

I awoke this morning with tears of wonder that final crescendo, the fading away, and the silence of that perfect holy storm still pulling me open with soft hands

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Ben Rosenthal

I sing to hear, be heard, harmonize, and match wits with voices—in community.

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Kappe’ Rousseau

Singing expands my soul, this world; and is the portal to join the Universal Collective, where we freely Dance among the Stars – in harmony.

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Linda Stonestreet

Music has purpose; to open hearts & grow consciousness that reminds us who we are and why we came here. I want to be part of that


Sonja Sutherland

Circlesinging is a gift like no other…a gift of community — resonating, supporting, empowering, sharing our voices with each other and the world.

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Teya Valentina Chavez

My heart yearns to truly feel alive, we sing the joy’s and the sorrows, we sing for our future generations and our ancestors, the song is medicine for our souls and is how I commune with the natural world. May we sing to create a new world of peace, unity and love.

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David Worm

…Our Inspiration

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