1. Mission Statement
  2. Core Values
  3. About US –  the group – history, what we’re doing now – vision(s) ahead
  4. About (Founding Members) – a bio and here an opportunity for each individual to present what it is they do uniquely – links to their pages on the site that are theirs-we believe this will evolve organically
  5. Offerings  A place to share recordings, videos and art
  6. A shopping cart and/or Donate button to receive funds
  7. A Media Page
    • logo
    • headshots of singers for profile pages
    • performance photos
    • rehearsal photos
  8. Photos and bios, music and video clips for media – section(s) for other interests
  9. A system to offer classes, workshops,  healing sessions and perhaps other services with registration systems
  10. A calendar of events
  11. Affiliations
  12. required add ons
    • Privacy Policy
    • Cookie Policy
    • ADA compliance
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